Advanced Analysis

This service includes the infrastructure of all the other services we offer. It is the initial phase of starting SEO or any other types of Ads. for your services. We will have it done before your final approval.

The greater Vancouver area online business owners need to have someone beside them to analyze the market before any further movement.

Our team will do a thorough analysis of the market, the competitors, the audience, and your business plan before start running ads for your business.

Our Advanced Analysis Service Includes:

1- Keywords Extraction & Ranking

The very first step of our SEO service is extracting the main keywords your business focuses on. These keywords are based on their average monthly search within a specific location.

We also analyze your website to make sure we have found all the phrases/keywords you may want to target. We will get your final approval before moving further with the project.

2- SEO Audit

Within this section, we will do a thorough SEO based analysis on your website and analyze up to 21 important Google ranking factors.

Some of the main items we analyze in this report are meta tags, images, your GMB account, listings, sitemaps, etc.

The preparation process will usually take up to 48 hours. In the meantime, our team may contact you if any additional information is required.

3- Backlinks

As you may know, link building is one of the most popular SEO strategies within the past couple of years. It is categorized under three main items consisting of white hat, gray hat, and black hat link building. White hat is definitely what we offer as off-site SEO service.

Each website may have more than a thousand inbound links from multiple domains using various anchor texts. These links can come from valuable domains with high authority, from some cheap domains, or from illegal and useless domains. We call them white, gray and black hat backlinks, respectively. 

We, the Sitka Digital team, will analyze the domains to see how valuable they are, and which pages of your website have been targeted the most. Collecting the white ones, we will disavow the useless domains to prevent any further damage to your website.

4- Competitive Analysis

Google’s first position for each query/keyword belongs to a particular website. This website not only has met the latest standards, but it is also popular among visitors. So, if you want to rank #1 on Google’s first page, you will definitely need to identify the strategies adopted by the first website appearing on Google search results and be well-prepared to beat them all.

Our advanced analysis includes researching the strategies your competitors use and implementing those that are useful for your business.

5- Google Tools

Google has provided some tools by which users can analyze their website’s performance.

These tools include Google Search Console, Analytics, My Business, Trends, AdWords, PageSpeed Insights, etc.

We are quite familiar with each and every tool Google offers the users. But not all the users are able to use them properly and this is where it comes to online marketing experts at Sitka Digital. Our team will constantly analyze your website through different tools to make sure everything is moving forward smoothly.

There are many other types of analysis that we can do to grow your website. Let’s discuss them over the phone. Feel free to contact us either by calling our office or filling out a form, and we will reach you ASAP.

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