Search Engine Optimization

What are the different types of SEO?

SEO is mainly divided into two main categories. On-Page and Off-Page SEO. They are also called On-Site and Off-Site SEO.

On-Site/Page SEO is mainly the optimization done on the website directly including content, meta tags, images, headings, conversion rate, and speed optimization. There are a couple of more items included as well.

Off-Site/Page SEO is mostly related to the optimization done out of the website whose most significant technique is link building which is categorized into white, gray, and black hat itself.

Is SEO going to die?

Not really. But, it is going to have significant changes like how it is constantly changing right now. Google’s ranking factors are always under modification and update. So, Search Engine Optimization will not be out-dated in the near future.

In the most recent Google algorithm update, content and how relevant it is to your website topic has been increased in case of importance.

What is the future of SEO?

The future of SEO mostly belongs to AI. Google has been working on teaching machines to learn the users’ behavior in order to provide them with the best possible results. Relevancy is one of the key items Google will pay attention to in the AI era.

Voice search is also another out of a thousand algorithms Google has updated recently. In 2020, more than 50% of the searches will be made through voice search. So, it really matters how you have optimized your website for those users who have searched for a term by getting help from IoT.

Is AMP good for SEO?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. They are pages that are designed to load almost instantly on mobile devices. It is an open-source and free framework that functions without the speed-reducing elements that impact the website’s load time.

AMP is mainly supported by Google and can be identified by the “lightning” icon beside the title on search results.

It is hard to track how successful your website has been after implementing AMP, but since conversion rate is one of the most important ranking factors (claimed by Google), considering the large number of mobile users and their time-limits, instant loading of a mobile page can definitely improve conversion rate and website’s ranking on Google search results.

What do business owners need to know about SEO?

SEO is a long-term investment and nobody can promise the duration of a website getting ranked on Google. The process can take up to two years, so the business owners need to be patient.

There are two types of SEO available in the market; White-hat and Black-hat.

White-hat SEO is the legal, legitimate and time-consuming one that most of the online agencies do. Doing this type of SEO won’t harm your website or get it penalized by Google. So, you definitely should choose this type.

The other type of SEO, Black-hat, consists of some illegal methods of increasing website visibility on Google which will not only damage your business and reputation but also can get your website penalized by Google. Those agencies who promise to increase your website’s visibility in a few weeks are mostly those that use Black-hat SEO. Don’t trust them at all…!!

SEO is a MUST for your business and you need to be completely up to date regarding the latest Google SEO updates. Visit our Search Engine Optimization page for more information.

Does AdWords affect organic results?

Google has mentioned this many times that running Ad campaigns won’t affect your organic search results neither in a good nor in a bad way; so you should consider them as two separate marketing sections for your business.

However, SEO includes all the marketing strategies available with focus on organic rankings improvement. But AdWords can still offer you some ideas regarding most common searched queries, top-searched locations, the average CPC, etc.

Since SEO is a long-term investment, it may require more time/money for you to see the results while AdWords provide you with almost instant results, however search engine optimization will make a balance in your spent budget in long time.

Google SEO vs. other search engines’ SEO: What you should know?

Stats gathered by comScore show that in 2016, more than 63% of all the online searches have been made through Google websites while this number has been about 21 for Microsoft, 12 for Yahoo, and 2 for Ask and AOL.

The numbers show how important it is for your website to meet Google standards, but as you may have heard, it is being told: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.

Although Google sites form more than half of all the searches, your website is always at the risk of being penalized by Google and if this happens, it may take several months for you to get back everything into normal, so it is highly recommended that you optimize your website for other search engines as well as Google.

How Voice Search will affect SEO?

While even the fastest typists type slower than they speak, voice search has made Google surfing much easier and it won’t go away.

People may usually use longer queries than what they type in voice searching and they are similar to how they actually ask questions. So it matters that your content provides users with proper answers to their questions.

Your website is better to have an FAQ page containing the most common questions regarding the topic. You can use some tools like AnswerThePublic.com in order to find the related questions.

Optimizing your website for voice search will result in more driven traffic which directly improve your SEO.

Social Media Marketing

What are the top reasons for using Social Media?

In today’s fast-paced digital world into which easy communication plays a significant role in everybody’s life, social media networks have simplified communications.

They also have more benefits that some of them are mentioned below:
– Reaching large audiences.
– Direct connection with your audience.
– Running Advertisement campaigns through high-engagement platforms.
– To build and grow your brand.
– Driving traffic to your website.
– Evaluating your business overall performance.
– They are totally free.

Considering all the above-mentioned reasons as well as many more advantages social networks have, using these networks is highly suggested.

What are the different types of social media?

Some say there are five types, some say six, and some others believe that there is more than seven types of social media.

We will divide social media platforms into five main categories as below:
A- Networking: LinkedIn, Facebook
B- Photo/Video Sharing: Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat
C- Review Websites: Yelp, BBB, TripAdvisor
D- Blogging: Tumblr, Medium
E- Discussions: Reddit, Quora

There are plenty of other platforms available out there that you can find by doing a simple online search.

What is the relationship between SEO and social media?

Since social media online users are increasing constantly, it is important for your business to provide useful content and information for those types of users who may not be familiar enough with Google, but instead, they get what they need from social media networks.

As a result, your website needs to not only have back-links from social media (On-Page SEO) but also you should share whatever you write on your website through social media networks (Outbound links).

So, being active on social media as well as proper optimization of your website could be an SEO benefit for your business. We will help you find the best strategy for your Social Media Marketing plan.

How Instagram can affect SEO?

Since improving social media engagement will drive more traffic to your Instagram account and you can build some backlinks to your website from your profile, traffic growth can result in higher rate of clicks and website visits which has an indirect impact on your rankings and it is somehow categorized under the Off-Page SEO technique helping your website rankings improve.

But, it matters how you are using backlinks coming to your website from your Instagram account and how often you are updating them.

Site Speed Improvement

How fast should a website load?

Ideally, a website should load between 2-5 seconds. Stats have shown that more than 40% of the users have abandoned those websites that their loading time has been more than 3 seconds. They also like the websites to load in 2 seconds or less on desktop.

Google now considers the site’s load time as a ranking factor and pays a lot of attention to how fast a website provides the users with first contentful paint.

AMP is one of the Google-sponsored technologies making your website load almost instantly.

There are different tools available with which you can analyze your website speed. The most renowned ones are PageSpeedInsights and GTmetrix.

Making your website load faster is categorized under our Site Speed Increase service. Contact us for more information.

Do plugins slow down website?

The answer is YES!

More plugins means more requests should be sent from your website to the database in order to call the plugin. Higher number of requests will affect the website speed and slow it down.

You need to make the code of your website as simple as possible, so it would load faster.

Conversion Rate Optimization

What is the conversion rate and how it is calculated?

Consider the magnitude of your website traffic as X and the number of them who have turned into real customers and reached you either through phone, form or in-person as Y. The result of dividing Y by X is equal to the conversion rate of your website.

X can be different types of traffic including organic, direct, referral, or paid search.

Since conversion rate is the result of two numbers being divided by each other, it is usually being mentioned in %.

The higher the conversion rate is, the better your website is performing.

How does Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) work?

As mentioned before, conversion rate is the percentage of website visitors who turn into real customers. Increasing this percentage means providing visitors with the best experience they wish to receive. This process is called Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

There are many factors vital in CRO whose most important ones are the website’s load-time, content relevancy, Call To Actions (CTAs), and user interface (UI).

Each individual factor plays a significant role in the optimization process and improving it can turn more visitors into customers. As an example, AMP-lifying the website will reduce the load-time which results in a conversion rate increase. The process is exactly the same for all the other essential elements.

Advanced Analysis

What is the difference between SEO and SEM? Which one is better?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization while SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. Actually, SEO is a part of SEM and they both aim in increasing visibility in search engines.

SEO means improving the website’s ranking in order to get free organic traffic from search engines. SEM not only includes SEO but also is a subset of your overall digital marketing strategy.

SEM is also a way to increase the website’s visibility, by not only driving free traffic to the website but also through paid traffic as well.

As a result, SEM is bigger than SEO and you should choose what works better as the strategy of your marketing.

How do I find good keywords for SEO?

Extracting keywords is usually a time-consuming and technical process. Your SEO will be done based on the keywords list that you have and online users will see your website on Google search results based on them. So, you need to pay attention to every detail of the keywords extraction process.

It is better if the chosen keywords have been searched by other online users before and that has an average monthly search. They also should contain the most important words/phrases you want to target and of course be relevant to the main topic of your website as well as its content.

Choosing long-tail keywords make the optimization a little bit easier, but reduces the average monthly search in the meanwhile. So, your list should consist of both long-tail and short-tail keywords to include all your target audiences.

An important item you need to know is that people mostly use long-tail keywords when they are voice searching Google to fulfill their needs.

A Thorough Analysis can be done by our experts to help you choose the best keywords.

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