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As a business owner, you may or may not have a website. But if your business is online, you definitely need a professional website!

We at Sitka Digital Agency offer to build affordable, high-speed and responsive websites using the WordPress CMS. Whether your business is an eCommerce or a service-based one, we will build your WordPress website using the most up-to-date technologies released.

We have explained in detail on our SEO service page how important it is for a website to be not only mobile responsive but also high-speed. They are just two out of many factors we would be dealing with to build your website.

You may wonder what is different in our web development services, and why you should choose us among all the other developers.

Here is the answer: We built up our own website from the ground. We sat down together brainstorming about our domain, our logo, our homepage design and as the most important item, the idea behind choosing our brand. The very same scenario is going to be played out for all our customers.

We will think in an innovative manner and spend time to design your website; as a result, you will get a website with a message behind it for the visitors. This is what makes us different from the other developers.

There are numerous essential elements required to be implemented on your website. They will be discussed here briefly, but let us describe some basic items first.


Just do an online search for “Website Design.” Google gives you more than 1G results. But, how to choose a single one to work with? What will encourage you to work with us among all the others? Innovation!

You need to have a message to transfer and an idea behind your website to make the visitors think! Let us be the one creating that idea for you.

There are many more factors for us to consider while building a website for you. Let’s discuss the details over the phone. Search for us on Google Maps. You would find our team.

Site Speed:

Online users, especially those who are using their smartphones to visit a website, don’t have enough time to wait for a slow website to load; they will definitely skip waiting, simply close the tab and search for another website.

Google also favors the websites which load fast and has no liking for the slow ones.

As a result, if you have a desire for your website to be ranked high and achieve organic traffic on Google, it must be fast enough.

Sitka Digital expert developers tend to build fast loading websites in both desktop and mobile versions. Our service area covers all Canada and we are eager to offer web development to the United States as well.

AMP and how AMP-lifying can be a good choice for you?

Accelerated Mobile Pages, sponsored by Google, is an open-source project allowing mobile pages to load almost instantly.

You can distinguish such pages by a lightning bolt symbol in mobile search results beside them.

Search Engine Land has discussed some factors which show how obvious it would be to adopt AMP for your website:

1- Web page speed is a ranking factor in Google’s mobile and desktop indexes.

2- A 1-second delay in web page speed can decrease conversions by as much as 7 percent.

3- AMP, created by Google, is rumored to be a ranking factor in mobile first index of Google search results. 

AMP also reduces the need for additional CSS requests and eliminates certain on-page elements, including bulky pictures, CTAs in many cases, and much more backend codes. This results in increasing the speed greatly.

Think about the above-mentioned benefits. There are many others available through an online search to tell you about implementing AMP on your website. You should be advised that we have used this technology for our own website as well. You may now want to rest assured and let us be the ones to AMP-lify the mobile version of your website as per your wish.


More than 58% of all online searches have been made through smartphones and tablets in 2018 and this number is definitely going to increase in 2019. So, it’s necessary for your website to load properly and without any problem regarding the screen size varieties.

The developers at Sitka Digital have the expertise to design responsive websites compatible with different screens and browsers.

Sitka Digital’s ultimate goal is to move on the edge of the latest technology released, so as to not only grow our own business but also to provide our highly esteemed customers with the services they deserve to receive.

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