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What Experts Say About Google SEO Factors

24 October 2019 Video Eddie

In the following video, Martin Splitt, webmaster trends analyst at Google, talks about how Google sees websites, treat them, index them, and what developers need to do in order to provide their users with the best experience.

What Search Engines Care Most About!

As you saw in the video, Search Engine is a platform, service, or program that goes to the internet content and tries to catalog it like a library. They help you find the right content for your purpose.

Now it comes to the word “Crawling”. Crawling means going through the entire internet using the links from one page to the other. Search Engines start from one place, follow the links and crawl the web from one page to the others.

After grabbing all the content from different pages, Search Engines need to index them to describe what each page is trying to say.

The third step would be analyzing the content to show the best options to the users who try to fulfill a particular need.

The best option is the one that has been optimized for the title, meta description, images, content, links, etc.

The first considered signal would be the content and how you serve the users’ purposes. It matters how you provide the desired content for your website visitors and make them stay longer on your website.

Meta tags including descriptive titles and helpful snippets are the second signal that you should consider as a ranking factor. These let people find out which of the main results might be the ones that help them the best.

Performance is the third important signal. Performance is not just making the website faster, but it is also making it more visible to others.

You want to develop a website in order for the people to use it. Users have a purpose but want to find who serves this purpose necessarily.

These are all categorized under Search Engine Optimization and that would be the thing you need for your website in order to be seen within the top results of Google.

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