About Us

As our customers, the first thing you need to know is who we are as the team you have put your trust in. So, let’s have an introduction.

Where Does the Brand Name “Sitka Digital” Come From?

There is a tree named Sitka Spruce. It is one of the most numerous trees in the Greater Vancouver area. The spruce tree grows up to 300 ft which makes it one of the tallest in Canada. 

Since our focus is mostly on digital marketing, we decided to choose the name of Sitka for our business to not only show our love for this country and its nature but also to assure our customers that we are all exactly the same as Spruce trees, willing to grow and in need of attention. So, let’s grow our business together ?.

A mixture of Love and Science, Eager to Grow!

Sitka Digital Agency has been established in 2019 consisting of a young team all between the ages of 25 and 31. We all have related experience and have worked in digital marketing, web development, and SEO fields and are willing to continue it as our own business.

During the time we were all working for other companies, no matter where they were and what field they specialized in, the vision of owning a business was a motivation that has gathered us all together now and at this moment.

Edi, as the Co-founder of Sitka Digital is mostly adept at SEO field, but since that was not enough to establish an agency, he decided to form a group of boys and girls with other specialties, so he can build a team of experts and sign up different customers with various types of needs.

Growth, Our Ultimate Goal!

Let’s do away with the old cliché and be totally upfront with each other. Looking around, you may readily find more than a couple of agencies offering the exact same services like ours, even one in your neighborhood, but are they all worth putting your trust and investment into?

A business will not grow, but with the help of its clients. Our agency will not be trust-worthy, but with gaining our customers’ satisfaction. Here is our inspiration proverb:

“Be careful what you wish for; you might just get it.”

How You Can Count on Us

Do you live in Vancouver or any of the cities nearby? If you want to advertise your local business, you will need an online marketing agency like us.

Whether you are in the very first step of building an online business, or you have already built it up willing to start your advertisement, we got you covered with our diverse services.

We offer a free phone consultation discussing possible opportunities. Having done an initial consultation, you are either ready to start or may still need more information. Don’t worry at all. You can always ask for several free consultations and Sitka Digital team will help you understand what is better for your business at its utmost effort 🙂 .

Our online services include Advanced Analysis done before starting your project in order to gather all the required information we may need.

After having your analysis ready, you may either need a website, or you already have one ready to boost. Web Development is another service we provide our customers with. 

Owning a website won’t be enough, because it is just an infrastructure for your business in order to attract clients. Thus, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another service we provide to improve your website’s impression and expression on Google.

In today’s digital world, social media is also playing a significant role. We have then decided to offer Social Media Marketing (SMM) as another service in our agency.

Since most of the online users are now visiting websites through their smartphones, considering the time limits they have, your website needs to be fast enough, so the users tend to stay on it and choose you to contact with. Site Speed Increase is the service we offer to improve your website’s load time and performance.

Conversion Rate Optimization is what we do in order to make the best out of your website. In other words, we will make a funnel on your website which leads the visitors into a process and turn them into real customers at the end.

Sitka Digital young and experienced team has all the answers you need. Go ahead and contact our office in Canada and schedule your free consultation.

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